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FanPost Friday: Most hated player from an opposing team

Get your pick-axe, we’re going into the salt mines

Paul O’’Neill #21
ayyyyy I’m layin down ‘ere

Greetings and welcome to FanPost Friday. It’s a three day weekend (woooo!) and the Mariners are playing for the life of their 2018 season against the perennially annoying, and recently of the gaudy .600 winning percentage, Oakland Athletics. There is a lot of salt to go around.

This week’s prompt:

Who is your most hated player from an opposing team?

I mean, there are a lot of options here. Most recently, there’s Marwin Gonzalez of the Astros, a career .318 hitter against the Mariners and an overall .264 average against all of baseball. Mike Trout has regularly punished the Mariners since he first joined the league. Jed Lowrie is always collecting back-breaking hits against the Mariners, it seems. Plus, his name is Jed.

Historically, there was Paul O’Neill and most of the rest of the hate-able 1990’s Yankees. Vladimir Guerrero spent his later prime years just hitting the crap out of the ball against the Mariners. If you still foolishly harbor ill feelings toward Alex Rodriguez for his post-Mariners years, let them all out here.

Then, of course, there are off-the-field reasons to hate players. Feel free to roll those into your posts, too.

As usual, please submit your answer in FanPost and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend.

Go Mariners.