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FanPost Friday: What opposing team’s fan base is your least favorite?

The FanPostest with the mostest

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
y’all go on and get!
Gerry Angus-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to FanPost Friday. We took last week off, but we are back, with A VENGEANCE. Here is your prompt:

What opposing team’s fan base is your least favorite?

Gee, I wonder what inspired this? Yes, BC and Alberta Blue Jays fans flocking you Safeco once a season are pretty obnoxious, but who else? The perennial hate-able turds of the Red Sox Nation? The entitled and morally bankrupt people who call themselves Yankees fans? What about the San Francisco tech bros and Bay Area transplants that recently flooded Safeco, insisting on paying $20 for a beer? Or, hey, there’s always all our divisional rival fan bases, all eminently hate-able. Some more than others.

So, you know the drill, we’ll front page the best, most hater-riffic posts over the weekend. Go on a rant. Let it all out.

Go Mariners.