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Scott Servais makes good on bet with Edwin Díaz, gets fresh-to-death haircut

although Scott might have felt more of the “to death” part

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve known about the fifty saves wager since back in April, when 50 saves seemed like a lofty number. Edwin Diaz whittled through that number steadily, though, reaching the mark this past weekend against Arizona. That means it’s haircut time for Scott Servais, because a bet’s a bet, as Denard Span was quick to remind him:

Servais had an audience on-hand to film his transformation, both media types and the players themselves. Guillermo Heredia chimed in “limpiosooooo” (“clean”) as Servais went under the buzzer:

Mel Stottlemyre Jr. also showed up to offer some collegiate ragging, only to find himself roped into a demand from Edwin’s Instagram Live audience that he get the haircut at 60 saves. We’ll see if that one has legs.

As for Edwin himself, he was decked out in the Electric Eddie’s Barbershop tee that will be part of the special ticket package for Labor Day ($15 bleacher seats, plus a shirt and a Díaz-style haircut for the daring), plus a hat Servais picked up for him yesterday, back when he was still in good spirits about all this, I guess.

[Sidenote: can I take this moment to complain about how much I hate the “official filter” the Mariners are putting on all their social media pics? I get it, I get it, making our stuff look blurry to own the photo-stealers, but I’m so tired of everything being blue-washed.]

Díaz filmed the whole thing start to finish, reading encouraging comments off to Servais (“they say you look good, fresh, fifteen years younger! Swag-est manager in MLB!”) and also ribbing him gently, at one time slyly asking the barber if he had some Just For Men to touch up the gray spots.

Dee chimed in with some helpful commentary:

The verdict on the final product? We’ll let Seattle legend Mike Cameron weigh in on that one: