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Mariners recall Matt Festa, demote Christian Bergman, millions of fans rejoice

One small move for the small move for mankind.

Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies
This is, unsurprisingly, the only picture of Matt Festa in the images folder on here.
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Given Christian Bergman’s outing last night, where he was left out to dry when Wade LeBlanc left fairly early in the game, it seemed fairly clear that the Mariners might make a move and bring up a new reliever. A few minutes ago, they did just that.

(Thank you for making the joke so I didn’t have to, Corey.)

Matt Festa has been pretty good as a AA reliever this year, with 58 strikeouts in 43.1 IP and a 2.70 ERA. He allowed two hits and recorded two outs in his only big league appearance this year (and in his career), a frustrating loss back on July 14 in Colorado.

Even with a 3.00 WHIP, however, most fans will probably be happy to see him in the bullpen instead of Christian Bergman, who’s rocking a 5.79 ERA in his 14 innings of work.

Festa figures to get some action in the next day or two, especially since the Mariners have yet to announce Sunday’s starter opposite Clayton Kershaw. Sunday’s spot was opened when the M’s decided to push Marco Gonzales back a day, so extra relievers might be of particular interest to manager Scott Servais.

Also of note: welcome, baby Segura!

Bienvenido al mundo mi príncipe #babyjacob ❤️ ❣️

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