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Mariners Moose Tracks: Mariners Prospects, Dan Vogelbach’s Walk-Up Music, and Shape Shifting

Links Szn.

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MLB: Seattle Mariners-Media Day Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, the Mariners couldn’t dodge losing to Los Angeles. Did you like what I did there? Anyways, Oakland has extended their lead over the Mariners to 3.5 games now. Let’s read some links and hope that the Mariners turn this thing around.

In Mariners News...

  • Dan Vogelbach is my hero.
  • Our very own Kate Preusser helps us deal with the frustration of being a Mariners fan.
  • David Rollins has rejoined the Mariners organization, this time as a starter.
  • Bad news: The Mariners have a tough schedule from this point forward. Good news: The Angels and Astros have an equally hard, if not harder schedule.

Around the League...

  • Former Mariner Mike Montgomery is headed to the DL.
  • The Rangers recorded a triple play unlike any seen in over 65 years.
  • Sheryl Ring wonders if the Orioles would be better off with Rafael Palmeiro than they are with Chris Davis.
  • Worth debating.
  • Apparently this study is a real thing?
  • Checkout the best plays from the week of baseball.

Luke’s Pick...

  • Two weeks until Husky Football!
  • Also shout out to Kasey Kahne, who just finished a 15-year NASCAR career. Kahne is from Enumclaw, Washington.
  • Here is the case for Seattle’s Breanna Stewart to win WNBA MVP ($).