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Mariners Moose Tracks, 8/16/18: In-n-Out Burger, Terrance Gore, and All Fantasy Everything

It’s a real Link-in Park, if you will

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals
His jersey number matches his career hits
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Some of you super-vigilant LL readers may have noticed that we briefly had two Moose Tracks posted on Monday morning, one from me and one from Kate Preusser. Despite what my college degree says, sometimes I am terrible at communication. As Kate’s version gathered all the clicks and comments, mine disappeared into the land of deleted Internet posts. Where do they really go, man?

Today, I can assure you that these are the only links you’ll need to have the best day you are humanly capable of.

In Mariners News:

  • While Dee Gordon’s capital-C Clutch homer yesterday was fairly surprising, the A’s being involved in a game like that was not at all.
  • Some people like Wheaties, but Dee Gordon prefers his breakfast from slightly above average regional fast food chains.
  • We have a James Paxton update, live from his bathroom?
  • And now, a reading from the sacred text.

* dusts off my ancient, unreliable iPhone 5s *

* opens Instagram *

* constituents bow their heads *


First two home runs game✌ ☄️ #dos

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  • It really is quite staggering how quickly Edwin Díaz became a monumental part of Mariner history.
  • We could all learn a lesson in positivity from Sam Tuivailala.
  • The M’s have added a 16-year-old pitcher from the Dominican Republic.
  • It sounds like the King may return to the rotation on Monday, sparing us a Christian Bergman start against the Astros.
  • These social media influencers are getting out of control.

Around the League

  • It feels a little ridiculous to call this a fight. I’m calling it a loud on-field conversation among way too many people.
  • The Royals traded an outfielder famous for having zero big-league hits, 21 stolen bases, and a World Series ring.
  • It may be time for Danny Valencia to explore real estate prices in Japan.

Matthew’s Picks

  • I can confidently say this girl is a better soccer player than I am.

Update: After reading the replies to this tweet and a user comment on this site, I have learned that this is actually an Iranian boy. My mistake. This is an example of when reading the comments can be helpful.

  • This podcast, hosted by the Pacific Northwest’s own Ian Karmel, is one of the funniest out right now. Each week, Ian and a rotating group of guests draft topics including favorite Canadians, MTV shows, and sports nicknames. I cannot recommend All Fantasy Everything enough.
  • In a perhaps surprising glimpse into Matthew’s music taste, I really enjoyed this Japanese Breakfast cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams”.