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Mariners Minnesota Moose Tracks, 8/14/18: Hockey Hair, Handball Flair, and Duck, Duck, Gray Duck

I’m in a Minnesota state of mind

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Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins
Shoot the arrow to the greatest state in the U.S.A.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Yesterday afternoon, the Minnesota Twins caused some consternation in the baseball mascot world with the announcement of a public vote for their newest mascot race participant. Feast your eyes on, uh...

...Bobert, Lucy, Tater, and D.D. Grayduck?

Anyway, with these horrific anthropomorphic food items/Voltorbs in mind, we decided to add a special Minnesota-focused section of this morning’s links. Enjoy! (And, also, come back soon, Anders!)

In Minnesota News...

  • Brian Dozier is one heck of a dude. the tweet. And then the article.
  • Congrats on your retirement, Lindsay Whelan. From us, and from the King. (No, not that King, the other King.)
  • Lindsay Whalen is a total badass. To wit*:

*no politics

  • Here’s a game that non-Minnesotans play all the time at the grocery store:
  • R.I.P. to the Rally Mantis, gone two years too soon:
  • A few years ago, following the Minnesota Lynx winning the WNBA title, they had a special victory concert.
  • It’s never too cold for a Dilly Bar, right?
  • What even is this place?
  • This tweet becomes less true with every vote that Tater receives in the Twins mascot race.
  • Be careful what you’re foraging in Minnesota, friends!
  • It’s the World Handball Championships, live from Minnesota on ESPN8!
  • This video is 100% worth your time. Absolutely, positively. Watch even a minute or two and you’ll be entranced.

In Mariners News...

  • Jayson Jenks of The Athletic weighed in with a phenomenal essay about Dee Gordon, with some valuable insights from the man himself. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.
  • Random former Mariner update:
  • Curious about unrealistic Félix Hernández trade possibilities from a columnist who is decidedly not a front office member? How about Robinson Canó trades? Look no further.
  • Could Edwin Díaz win the Cy Young this year? Dan Szymborski takes a look at the full field — but to my surprise, Díaz isn’t the only Mariner on the list.
  • We have a few injury updates:
  • And another update!
  • Kyle Seager is working on some new mechanics, per Sodo Mojo.
  • Get well soon, Leonys. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  • And speaking of former Mariners who won’t be playing for a while:

Around the League...

  • Today in Barry Bonds facts:
  • And today in Barry Bonds articles: Andrew Baggarly weighs in on how the Giants are still struggling to replace Bonds a decade later.
  • Some trouble in New York City, as a deep bullpen doesn’t seem to equal healthy starters:
  • This is what happens when like four fans show up to a critical divisional matchup late in the season:

Around the World...

  • If you’d like to keep this whole public-funding-for-sports-stadiums thing in perspective, and especially the crazed fandom surrounding it, here’s a worthwhile piece from Sonics Rising.
  • The Seahawks’ possible right tackle has certainly had a tough go of things, but his source of motivation is ever-present, per Matt Calkins.
  • The Showbox is saved (for now)!
  • FIFA gon’ FIFA...
  • Montana, it appears, is the absolute opposite of Minnesota when it comes to hair:

Grant’s Picks...

  • This video helped my college suitemates and I bond, and I’ll admit I know more of the words to it than I should. Enjoy a true National Treasure: