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FanPost Friday: Favorite Minor League Baseball team name and/or logo?

Shuckers! Biscuits! Nuts! Baby Cakes! Other teams named after regional foods!

i don’t know who made this, but it’s perfect (that’s the Arkansas Travelers mascot, Otey the Swamp Possum)

Welcome back to FanPost Friday. You made it, it’s Friday, and it’s hot as heck all around the Northwest. Cool yourself off with this softball of a prompt (also come play SoftbaLL with us tomorrow).

What is your favorite minor league baseball team name and/or logo?

Oh, man. There A LOT. Feel free to go historical and pick a defunct team. Or bring in the mascot(s) as part of your reasoning (there are so many unbelievably weird MiLB mascots)

The Mariners farm system alone has quite a few gems. There’s Otey up above there, watching the world burn down in Little Rock. The AquaSox have their frog and the Lumberkings have their maniacal large-armed lumber man. The Modesto Nuts have not one, but THREE DIFFERENT NUTS as mascots. And of course there is the adorable Rhubarb down in Tacoma, forever waiting his call-up to the bigs whenever the Moose finally tears his/her Achilles doing back flips on the visiting dugout.

Anyways, after reviewing many MiLB logos, I think this is my favorite.

I mean, it’s fucking absurd. Let’s start with the fact that Oysters don’t have eyes? Okay, check, moving on. The lil’ fucker is WEARING A BUCKET HAT like he’s going fishing in “Grumpy Old Men.” Oh wait, gotta make it baseball related so let’s give him ARMS and a baseball bat to menacingly swing one-handed. Hell yeah. Presto, an amazingly hilarious anthropormorphic nightmare of a logo for the Biloxi Shuckers.

So, what’s your favorite? Submit your answer (with photos/graphics) in a FanPost and we’ll front page the best ones over the weekend.