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7/6/18: Open Game Thread

The Chris Iannetta revenge game will have to wait.

Wilson dives to tag out Shumpert

Congrats on reaching Friday in a weird short week for our readers in the U.S., and 1/5ths more congratulations to anyone joining us elsewhere. Your reward is a peaceful evening of baseball against the worst offense in the National League! More accurately, you get to watch a baseball team stationed in Seattle, Washington play against the worst offense in the National League. I’m glad that that’s the case, because you’re probably way worse at baseball than they are, sorry.

We have a couple sets of previews for you this weekend, with Jake taking his typical meticulous comb to an uncommon foe this week, as well as my sit-down with Adam Peterson of Purple Row and my corresponding sit-down with him. Additionally, if you missed the big “Breaking News” banner, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Mariners, Gerard Dipoto, was extended. Now for some lineups.

Game Time - 7:10 PM Pacific Times


Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle

Online: MLB.TV

What You Get When You Pitch Like A Legitimately Useful Pitcher And Seem to be Actively Accepting Coaching Adjustments to Reinvigorate Your Career:

Happy Félix Day, y’all.