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Join Baseball Prospectus and LL writers, past and present, for a night at Safeco Field on July 21

Come for the baseball nerdery, stay for the baseball nerdery

General View

In case you haven’t heard, Baseball Prospectus is doing one of their “BP At the Ballpark” Nights at Safeco on July 21, and members of the Lookout Landing staff—past, present, and perhaps future—will be there in spades. $38 bucks gets you an avalanche of cool stuff, including:

  • A View-level ticket to the game against the White Sox in a special section with members of the BP staff and like-minded fans (hello, my fellow nerds!);
  • A $15 coupon towards a Premium or Super Premium (fancy!) BP subscription, or a renewal of an existing account;
  • A panel with BP staff members AND a Q and A session with members of the Mariners front office, including Jerry Dipoto and Analyst (and BP alum) John Choineire;
  • A pregame meet-and-greet with LL alums Meg Rowley, Patrick Dubuque, Nathan Bishop, Brendan Gawlowski, and current LL Managing Editor hey that’s me. There will also be a host of other BP writers in attendance, including Kendall Guillemette. Jon Hegglund, Rob Mains, and Rachael McDaniel. There will also be LL writers in attendance, although I cannot guarantee how many of us will look or smell very good, because we will have run the Refuse to Abuse 5K earlier that day. Look for the group of people with Pigpen-like stink lines coming off them, and come give us big, sweaty, gross hugs.

Oh, and it’s also Dee Gordon bobblehead night, so you get one of those, pressed right into your hot little hand because you get to show up early for the meet-and-greet, so no worries about not getting to relive this moment:

This is a limited-time offer, so get your ticket now by clicking here.

If you attended Pitch Talks last summer, this should be similar to that event, but with a baseball game to watch. For those of you who attended LL night last year, Dipoto was extremely generous with his time and answered questions thoughtfully and in ways that gave me new understandings about the team—which partly has to do with the level of questions he was asked—and I think that alone is worth your time here. I know we joke about Jerry, but it is extremely cool to have a GM who embraces not just sabermetrics but the entire saber community the way he does, and is so conversant with both the human side and the analytics of baseball. The fact that he’s willing to sit down and talk to all interested parties is a bonus, and not one we should take for granted.

Also! If enough of you buy tickets through that link, one of you will win a bonus ticket to the event. Do not think. Just do. I had a blast at both Pitch Talks and LL Night, and this is shaping up to be equally (or even more!) fun and informative. Hope to see you there!