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Lookout Landing Podcast 55: Offense Threat Level Midnight, the Servais extension, and the Shiggy Challenge

Also: guest host Eric Sanford talks about Paul Konerko a bunch, oddly

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Sooooo since the last time we published a podcast, the Mariners have gone on a July swoon, losing the series to the Angels, getting swept by the Rockies, and barely eking out a series win against the pitiful White Sox. So we’re back recording this week, which will hopefully help reverse the team’s fortunes. However, John is too busy this week to pod, so if things don’t look up, feel free to yell at him either here or on Twitter (@JohnTrupin).

0 - 5:00: Whining about the heat because we are Seattle Wimps and some general weekend catching-up. Eric talks about a beer festival he was at over the weekend and gives Kate a severe case of FOMO. Is it FOMO? Suprisingly, this is not the first time our over-30 podcast duo will fail to nail a moment in the cultural zeitgeist.

5:00-15:00: Bemoaning the lack of offense against the White Sox and establishing which threat level we are at for the current state of the offense: higher or lower than the nation’s airports? Kate wonders who the hero will be who’s finally able to drive in Dee after he triples. Some general pooh-poohing of visiting fans flooding into Safeco is done because tickets for the Maple Grove are currently going for forty bucks, which is ridiculous. Kate tells a story about being annoyed by Giants Tech Startup Bro Fans at Spring Training this year, and Eric mentions Paul Konerko, because he’s apparently on some kind of rewards program.

15:00-22:00: Breaking down the offensive struggles a little more and examining Nelson Cruz’s recent slump. Kate argues this is actually the best time to extend Nelson Cruz.

22:00 - 31:00: Talking the Scott Servais extension and debating Heyman’s bizarre claim that Servais isn’t well-liked in the clubhouse. Kate tells a heartwarming anecdote about Servais that is only slightly emotionally dinged when she mixes up team surgeon Dr. Khalfayan and Wiz Khalifa. Using professional experience from each of our careers, Eric talks about Servais’s management style, and Kate talks about Servais’s philosophy as a teacher. We might not nail every reference but there are some benefits to being Olds.

31:00 - 34:00: Catching up on the BP at the Ballpark night event and Jerry Dipoto’s use of the word “turds.”

34:00 - end: Questions! Kate and Eric talk their favorite underappreciated minors prospects, what to do with Daniel Vogelbach, the best potential Mariner two-way player ever, and a brief foray into talking about the All-Star Game. Eric discusses DHs of the past and drops another Konerko reference, because he is secretly a PKSF (a Paul Konerko SuperFan). They also discuss the Shiggy challenge and try to figure out who, or what, is Shiggy.

[Heads-up: at 58:00 or so there is a discussion of some Genuinely Heavy stuff with regards to the A’s retaining the services of Jeurys Familia, who served a fifteen-game suspension for domestic violence last year. This is some especially rough timing as the LL team recently completed the Refuse to Abuse 5K at Safeco, so there is some conversation about DV accusations and how we interact with that as sports fans. The conversation wraps up at the 1:02 time stamp.]


(Some NSFW choices this week, sorry in advance, I asked Eric for suggestions and he wanted Caspar Babypants and I...went the other direction. Also I had all kinds of problems with the audio this week, so please excuse the varying quality of the tracks.)

Beyoncé - Apeshit; Jay Rock - WIN (aka, what we want the Mariners to do)

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Enjoy! Leave feedback! And go Mariners.