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7/17: All-Star Game Open Thread

In which nobody gets injured

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We can all debate the merits of All-Star Games as a concept, but I don’t know if it’s arguable that the MLB All-Star Game is the best one. At the very least, it’s the one that most resembles its actual sport. Unlike the 193-175 scores in the NBA All-Star Game, or the 70-66 Pro Bowls that involve offense linemen scoring, you can squint at the MLB All-Star Game and pretend we’re not on a 4-day break from actual baseball.

Now that the horrible provision in which the winner of the MLB All-Star Game determined home field advantage in the World Series is gone, the game is just for fun. And even though it’s ultimately pointless, so is all of baseball. So come in, and enjoy it with us!

All very impressive, except Salvador Perez. Ignore that part.

Game Time: 5:00 PM PST