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SoftbaLL 2018 Part Deux: The Reckoning

This time, it’s WAR-DOOPIE

Jésus Sucre and Willie Bloomquist pick teams in the annual rally of Bad, but Beloved Seattle Mariners (photo by msb)

Join us for softbaLL! You’ll feel like this!

photo by msb

Then the next day (well, next 5 days), you’ll feel like this!

photo by msb

It’ll be great!

SoftbaLL 2018 Game Two

Saturday, August 11
Lower Woodland Park Fields
Field #6
1 - 3 PM

Afterwards, we’ll retire to the Park Pub on Phinney Ridge just like last time and watch the Mariners take on the division rival Houston Astros (Boo!). The Mariners game starts at 4:10 PM. Hope to see you all there! Remember your sunscreen, be sure to hydrate, and maybe bring some ibuprofen if you’re over 30. If you attend, please bring a few dollars to help me cover the field rental fees ($115) or you can use PayPal (sanford dot eric or Venmo (@eric-sanford-1).

Also, in case you missed it, Leonard has once again memorialized one of our SoftbaLL games in song. Leonard is truly one of a kind.