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6/9/18: Open Game Thread

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it’s a rematch!

Tampa Bay Rays v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

With at least a series split secured, the M’s go for the win today. Félix is rematched with Blake Snell, and looks to build on his last outing - by far his best of the year. If he can keep that sinker usage down and have solid command of his curve and change, he stands a good chance at doing so.

With Dee getting a day off, it’s an Andrew Romine day at second base. Other than that, though, the Mariners are running out their regular lineup, and we have a Jesús Sucre sighting! Jake Bauers gets bumped up to the two-hole for Tampa, and is still searching for his first big league hit. Hopefully he gets it in the lowest-leverage situation possible.

Please make Snell work, you guys.

Game Time: 1:10 PDT


Radio: 710 ESPN,