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6/29/18: Open Game Thread

the Marco Gonzales revenge game

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Kansas City Royals
dark days!
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As Jake pointed out in the series preview, the Mariners’ series against the Royals back in April feels like a lifetime ago. The Mariners got creamed 10-0 in the opening of that series, which Marco Gonzales pitched, and Gotty had the sad task of recapping. You know who else pitched in that game? Taylor Motter! That was the game where Casey Lawrence, before he went back to throwing Madduxes in Tacoma, got lit up for five runs, and Marco couldn’t make it out of the third inning after needing 40 pitches in the first inning, where he gave up five hits and a walk and surrendered 3 runs. Also, that was the game where Jake Junis threw seven innings of one-hit shutout ball. Fun fact: since that game, Junis has pitched his way to a 5-9 record with an FIP north of five. Baseball! It changes!

It’s funny to think of how different the team felt back then, coming off a bad loss in San Francisco, the brutally cold series in Minnesota, and then struggling against the Known Bad Royals. The Mariners were 6-4 after scraping a series win against the Royals, the Angels were surging, Minnesota was close in the standings, and things felt on uncertain footing. Flash forward a couple months, and my how things have changed. These Mariners are a different crew, both in player composition and energy, and tonight Marco Gonzales will attempt to avenge his previous poor start. The good news is the bar for doing better is pretty low. Just don’t get beat by 10 runs, fellas, please and thanks.


Tonight’s game isn’t on any fancy networks, because the Yankees are playing the Red Sox, in case you didn’t hea- [is swallowed by RIVALRY! graphic tweeted from the MLB account every half-hour]. So just good ole ROOT for us, plus 710 ESPN if you like the radio experience.