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Mariners Moose Tracks, 6/29/18: James Paxton, Rafael Palmeiro, and Race to Alaska

The team swept the Orioles, they’ll be back at Safeco tonight, and all is right with the world


While Ders is away (on a late night bus somewhere through central-ish Oregon), the editors will play! The M’s are back in town for a nine game homestead, and sure it’s nice that we’re done with the Yankees and the Red Sox (in the regular season) but the big gift is that Mariners fans don’t need to watch the Orioles suffer through baseball again until September. Happy Friday indeed.

In Mariners news...

  • * raises Camden Yards’ nonexistent roof *
  • Nelson Cruz is an eternal gift
  • Jerry please can we not have major breaking news on a Friday? Some of us have social lives (aka a hot date with a carton of Trader Joe’s chocolate ice cream and a bunch of mini marshmallows).
  • Go Arm Strongshawn!
  • Pat Listach continues to be the very best
  • Jayson Jenks is one of the best writers writing about anything, period, and yesterday he gifted us his exploration of James Paxton ($, or get you an Athletic sugar mama/papa)

Around the league...

  • That Dave Dombrowski, so cutting edge making a trade before July
  • Craig Edwards, over at Fangraphs, looked at all the free agent reliever signings this offseason and Juan Nicasio has decidedly not been another Rzepczynski.
  • Nooooooo
  • Wow, hey, what a cool piece about young stars! Huh, why isn’t this in the Mariners news section? Oh, that’s right, because somehow MLB-saves-leading, 24-year-old Edwin Díaz didn’t get a single mention.
  • Interesting...
  • 53 is the new 33

Isabelle’s picks...

  • It’s always a good time to share stories about badass women doing badass things. And hey, speaking of travel, while I’ve got you here: any tips for an upcoming weekend trip to Denver? Must eats? Must sees (other than Nelson Cruz demolishing baseballs at Coors)?