softbaLL 2.0 (Three in) Centerfield

The Outfielders

Well, it's that time of year again. No not SoftbaLL time. That just happened. I'm talking about musical recap time. Yup. another one. Now before posting the link, here come the obligatory disclaimers. The song is hard to sing like John Fogarty. He has that nasally twangy voice, which given that it's mostly out of my voice range was actually somewhat easy to emulate. Second, the pics are almost all thanks to the inimitable msb, so many thanks there. Finally, there were a lot of people. A LOT. So unlike last year, there are very few actual names named, partly because there were too many folks, but also because this years song doesn't lend itself to listing names of people. But really it's because I only knew about 1/3 of you guys there, and I'm way too socially awkward to start asking names.

Once more, I ain't a real singer. This one, because of the range and the John Fogarty impersonation, really sounds like it's being sung by an animal caught in a bear trap, but what the hell.

Without further ado: