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6/24/18: Open Game Thread

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Marco Gonzales vs. oh brother

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins
last seen coming out of Buddy Benson
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was great fun, was it not? It was LL SoftbaLL, the Mariners stopped their five-game losing skid, Mike Leake baffled the Red Sox lineup, and the M’s bats came alive against Eduardo Rodriguez, who shut them down the last time they faced him. The bad news is today they have to face Chris Sale, who is putting together yet another Cy Young-caliber season. He’s coming off an 11-strikeout effort against the Twins. The good news is this is the last game the Mariners have to play against the Yankees/Red Sox gauntlet, and once they suffer through this, they’ll be 23 done with their toughest road trip of the season.

I wish I had more good news, in the form of Jean Segura returning to the lineup, but alas.

Also, the Red Sox get their All-Star-caliber shortstop back while the Mariners do not, so kind of a double bummer on that front.

Marco got roughed up at Yankee Stadium and faces a similar test in making his first career start at Fenway. It’s easy to forget sometimes that in many ways Marco is still a junior ranger earning his stripes in some of these tough pitching environments. I’m prepared to chalk up whatever happens today up to a learning experience, and will be very glad to leave this particular set of six games behind us.

Game info:

Time: 10:05 AM, so early, so ready to be done with the east coast

TV: ROOT—no national broadcast this time (although way to not fall on your faces on the national broadcast last night, fellas, proud of yew)

Radio: 710 ESPN