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Spin moves: Nick Vincent returns from the DL, Ryan Cook returns to Tacoma

How I’ve missed that sweet, sweet cutter

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
This was actually a good moment, but Ryan Cook is nothing if not the master of deception
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Another day, another reliever hokey-pokey.

It’s good news on both fronts - Nick Vincent is back, which strengthens the recently-struggling bullpen immeasurably, and Ryan Cook gets a little bit of a Tacoma respite after being Stanton-ed on earlier this week. Cook started out strong when he was brought up on May 17, allowing a single hit in his first five outings. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to maintain that success, and in his subsequent six appearances he gave up at least one run per outing. The most shocking part of this move is simply that the 30-year-old Cook, who has appeared at the MLB level at various points throughout six seasons, still has options left. Presumedly it’s an injury-addition option year?

Vincent, whose 32nd birthday is fast-approaching (making him approximately 68 in baseball years), is back with a more relaxed groin and that beautifully baffling cutter. He threw one inning in his rehab stint with AA Arkansas, where he allowed one hit but no runs and also hopefully provided some good eats for the first half Texas League North Division champs (traditionally rehabbing major leaguers will buy some sort of clubhouse spread/dinner for the minor leaguers).

This move will hopefully offer some added late-inning flexibility for Scott Servais, who has leaned on shiny-new-toy Alex Colomé, who has, in turn, struggled a bit in recent appearances. The Mariners could use all the bullpen help they can get as they travel to Boston hoping to snap their longest losing streak of the season.