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Mariners Moose Tracks, 6/18/18: Ichiro, Billy Hamilton, & Nick Vincent

It’s gonna be a gorgeous Monday in Seattle, so get link’d up first!

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
just two magical beings bonding over their magical nature
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Good morning and welcome to a Monday off-day. Gross, right? Well, I guess it’s not THAT bad. For one thing, the Mariners deserve a day off, just like all hard-workin’ folk do. The Mariners put in some good work this last week, going 5-2 against the Angels and Red Sox. And today they get a day of rest before playing the Yankees in the den of inequity known as new Yankee Stadium. Because this is 2018 and everything is bonkers, I feel shockingly confident in the Mariners chances. More like AL Least, in my humble opinion #VoteSegura #VoteHaniger

In Mariners news...

  • Extremely Important Content:
  • Hurry on back now, Nick Vincent!
  • Chris Herrmann is on his way back:
  • Crue Seager with the Father’s Day roast!

In Mariners minors news...

  • Rainiers won!
  • Travelers lost:
  • Nuts did not play on Sunday, but won on Saturday:
  • Lumberkings won!
  • AquaSox lost:

Around baseball...

  • Bonus babies!
  • Daaaaaang!
  • Huh.

Eric’s pick!

In case you missed it, Lydia Cruz from 710 ESPN is selling these neat Mariners-themed shirts and the proceeds benefit charity:

And finally, your moment of zen: