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Open Game Thread, 6/16/18

Wade the White Wizard tries to keep his peculiar brand of magics going

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Mariners thrilled our hearts and stole one from the Red Sox despite Paxton not having his best stuff and the normally strong defensive Mariners booting the ball around the field. I’m currently watching Oregon State play in the College World Series and the same affliction seems to have struck the normally surehanded Beavers. The Beavs are at the end of their season and playing in triple-digit temps on a big stage in what sounds like a fairly hostile crowd. The Mariners are similarly playing in front of a hostile crowd in the annual Red Sox takeover of Safeco, which, gross, but don’t have any other excuses for some sloppy play. They’ll have to clean that up if they want to stand a chance tonight with the limited LeBlanc on the mound, after a short outing from Paxton last night depleted one of the long relief arms in the bullpen.


Game Time: 5:15 PT, for reasons I don’t understand

Channels: ROOT NW, FOX (?)

Radio: 710 ESPN

It’s Pride Night at the ballpark, and David Freitas and his son Owen are celebrating:

Also, if you haven’t yet, take a gander at Isabelle’s piece from earlier today. Here’s the latest update. Way to go, everyone—this community is so powerful and we are all so proud to be a part of it.