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FanPost Friday: If you could pick any current MLB player to be a Mariner, who would you choose?

Stop drooling and write your dang FanPost!

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles - Game One
we’ll treat you right, chris. west coast is the best coast, after all
Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Hello! Happy Friday and happy first day of June to you and yours. One of the founding ground rules of the Lookout Landing comment sections is that we do not encourage rosterbation i.e. just wildly suggesting unrealistic trades or playing couch GM unprompted. Well, guess what? There is no comment section below and I am here to encourage to rosterbate freely in the FanPosts section. Here is your prompt:

If you could pick any current MLB player to be a Mariner, who would you choose?

Ignore contracts, ignore money, ignore all real life details. Just pick your player to magically join the Mariners. The one you’ve always coveted. The one who maybe got away or the one the team just missed in the draft. Feel free to concoct a fan-fiction backstory to the deal. Or just write about the impact this dream player would make on the current 2018 roster and how we’d all ride off into the sunset of a World Series championship. Whatever fits your fancy on this fine Friday.

As always, we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend. Shoutout to all the excellent Kingdome memories FanPosts from last week. Those were some of my favorite posts yet! On the bus this morning, I saw a guy wearing a navy and teal REST IN PEACE, KINGDOME shirt in that cool 90’s script font that you’d always see on snapback hats. I gave him a dutiful nod.

Anyways, who is your dream acquisition?