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Ichiro Moves to Front Office Role: What the Internet Thinks

What people are saying about Ichiro’s transition off the field.

MLB: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, it was announced that Ichiro would no longer be taking swings for the Seattle Mariners, but would rather move to a new and unique role with the organization. I’ll let the experts do the explaining:

It still seems a little fuzzy. Apparently Ichiro will partake in pregame routines but won’t be allowed to be in the dugout during games, nor will he appear in contests. But he will still be a major part of the clubhouse and serve as a mentor to the players. There’s also a possibility he’ll play next year, as his agent hinted he might play in the opening series in 2019 when the team travels to Japan.

Let’s take a look at what various people around the interwebs said about the news.

First, some heartwarming quotes from Ichiro himself.

Some were quick to recount their favorite Ichiro memories.

Players from around the league chimed in on what it was like to play alongside or against him.

But mostly, fans were happy for the memories that Ichiro provided, and yesterday was bittersweet.

Now that you’ve seen what others have said, how do you feel?