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FanPost Friday: What is your favorite Kingdome memory?

It was a pile of dirty concrete, but it was our pile.

Yankees V Mariners
droppin’ hot fire prompts like the pyros used to drop fireworks FROM THE CEILING of the Kingdome

Happy Friday one and all! This week, we’re diggin’ into the nostalgia banks, which is something the Mariners and their fans are very adept at. Get out those rose-tinted glasses, baggy jeans, white and navy Adidas Superstars, and tell us all about....

Prompt: What is your favorite Kingdome memory?

We all know the big ones. If you were there for the big moments in 1995, then that’s probably your favorite. But what about some obscure moments? How about some good times from the bad old days of the late 70’s and all of the 1980’s? Memorable promotional nights? Or just maybe your first memories of that gigantic, grey monolith the Mariners called home until 1999.

Go nuts. Channel your inner Niehaus. Let it all out.

We’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend. Again, thanks to all the great commenters who have written FanPosts so far. It’s been really fun to read the wide range of responses. We are truly spoiled to have such a smart and passionate lil’ fan community.

Go Mariners.