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5/18/18: Open Game Thread

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Mount St. Helens revenge game

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
More happy love please, less of ... whatever last night was
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Friends, it has been a tough week in Mariners fandom. The Canó news, the atrocity of the game broadcast on Facebook, rain delays and doubleheaders and the road trip from hell, Cruz missing games with injury, and today is just a hard day, in general. The team is visibly tired, and yet has to limp through the remainder of this series before earning a precious off-day.

Tonight, though. Tonight could be a re-set. The Maple Grove will be out in force supporting Félix, there’s giveaways out the wazoo, Safeco should be packed and rocking. And there’s THIS:

I will be in attendance at the game tonight, and for the good of the site, will be trying one of these. If the thread/recap does not appear, assume it is because I have descended into some sort of nitrite-induced mania.

Speaking of which, LINEUPS!

Well, okay. LINEUP. The Tigers, being a franchise put on this planet to annoy Mariners fans, have not posted theirs yet. I’ll try to update this but I gotta get to the ballpark so I get my maple-glazed cholesterol bomb before they run out.


Tonight the game is available on all the same bat times and channels, but there’s an interesting note: on the ROOT broadcast, they’re going for an all-former-player’s broadcast, with Mike Blowers, Dan Wilson, and Ryan Rowland-Smith. They did something similar for a couple of innings over Spring Training, but with Alvin Davis instead of Hyphen, and I swear I learned more during those two innings about baseball than I did in an entire season of watching broadcasts. It’s definitely an experiment worth checking out, and I’ll be listening to the broadcast over again after I get home. PLEASE, Mariners, make this a game that I won’t mind re-watching.