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5/14/18: Open Game Thread

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The one with the one-off make-up game at the Midwestern stadium

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Detroit Tigers
when you’re glad to be leaving Detroit, but then you remember you have to go to Minneapolis first before you can go home so you stare off into the middle distance
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, it is time to move forward from the various debacles that occurred during the Detroit series. What better way to move on that with a make-up game against the Twins in non-freezing temperatures? Well, yeah, obviously a home game would be most ideal, but you play with the cards you’re dealt in this here life.

But hey, this is pretty cool!


Hi, LoMo!

Game Time: 4:10 PM PDT

TV: ROOT Sports Northwest

Radio: 710 AM

Online: MLB.TV