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5/13/18: Open Game Thread

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James Paxton vs. Blaine Hardy

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays
Find yourself a person that hugs you like James Paxton hugs Scott Servais
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

What a day to be alive. It’s hot and sunny in Seattle. The Mariners are looking to win another road series. It’s Mother’s Day. Great stuff.

Here are the lineups:

James Paxton is slated to pitch for his first time since his no-hitter in Toronto. His no-no was his third consecutive great start and now it feels like the big lefty has found his rhythm. In those three games Paxton has pitched 22 innings, striking out 33 batters, and surrendering just two runs. All that comes together to produce a 1.69 FIP since April 26th.

Blaine Hardy is set to start for the Tigers. Hardy had a ton of success in his first two years with Detroit, amassing 1.4 WAR out of the bullpen. Since then, he’s struggled a bit, combining for -0.2 WAR since 2016. This will be Hardy’s first start of his career.