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FanPost Friday: What is your favorite Safeco Field memory or experience?

Big games? Fun interactions with players? Moose shenanigans? Tell us about it!

Safeco Field

As Safeco Field approaches its 20th year of operation and continues to age gracefully amongst its 1990’s brick-and-mortar-renaissance ballpark peers like Camden Yards, AT&T Park, and Coors Field, it seems like this is a good time to reflect on everyone’s favorite Safeco Field memories. This week’s prompt:

What is your favorite Safeco Field memory or experience?

It can be from the actual on-field game result, like say, the THUNDERSTUCK game against the villainous Blue Jays in 2014. Or maybe it was the result of a lovely or funny interaction with a Mariners player or media personality? Or maybe it was something a fellow fan did in the crowd to make a fool of themselves or someone else?

In 2010, my friend and I briefly met Felix Hernandez during the season ticket holder early admission/appreciation day and he signed my dad’s glove and posed for photos with us. It was probably the most starstruck I’ve ever been. A couple years later, I proposed to my now-wife in the upper level area behind the Safeco Field sign at the corner of Edgar and Dave. The stories fans can tell from 20 years of ballpark experiences could fill volumes and volumes of books.

20 years is a long run for a ballpark these days. The Braves shut down Turner Field before it even hit that mark. People were ready to nuke the Kingdome by the time it was maybe 10 years old. While it’s true that the Mariners were basically gifted a new stadium through taxpayer dollars, the stipulation that they maintain it as a “state-of-the-art facility” has kept it tastefully updated, very clean, and allowed for every technological update that’s been possible. We’re fortunate as baseball fans to have a world-class ballpark in our backyard.

Next year, it’s highly probable that the name will change and we’ll all hem and haw and still call it Safeco for years to come, so while we can still correctly call it by its name, write a FanPost about your favorite Safeco Field memory. We’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend.

Happy Friday and go Mariners!