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4/7/18: Open Game Thread

The one where everyone gets frostbite. Good.

Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here it is! The coldest game of baseball in existence, because it totally makes sense to build a completely outdoor stadium in Minnesota. Yup, I’m guessing 20 separate people had to sign off on that one, and they apparently thought it was a good idea. The Mariners are 3-3. Will we look wistfully back on this day and spend the rest of the season counting the distance to 0.500? Or is this just another game in a season that is finally Good?

Before the lineups, first some good news from Shannon Drayer.

That’s good, having Cruz instead of Ryon Healy and Zunino instead of Mike Marjama should... make a difference.

Today's Lineups

Dee Gordon - CF Brian Dozier - 2B
Jean Segura - SS Joe Mauer - 1B
Robinson Cano - 2B Miguel Sano - 3B
Mitch Haniger - RF Eddie Rosario - LF
Kyle Seager - 3B Logan Morrison - DH
Daniel Vogelbach - DH Eduardo Escobar - SS
Ryon Healy - 1B Max Kepler - RF
Ichiro Suzuki - LF Byron Buxton - CF
Mike Marjama - C Jason Castro - C
Mike Leake - RHP Jose Berrios - RHP

I’m optimistic! Jose Berrios is no slouch, but the Mariners should have an easier time against the righty than they would againsta southpaw. Or at least Dan Vogelbach should.

Game time: 11:10 AM PST

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN