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4/28/18: Open Game Thread

Battle of the Titans: Corey Kluber vs. Erasmo Ramírez

Cleveland Indians v Seattle Mariners
unfortunately the fences at Progressive are just a leeeeetle bit higher
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The good news: the Mariners squeaked out a win yesterday with their de facto ace against Cleveland’s #5 starter. Unfortunately, today is Opposite Day, and the Mariners will now put their #5 starter up against Cleveland’s ace. FiveThirtyEight gives the Mariners a 33% chance of winning this game, which feels generous.

The entire bottom third of the order is different from what the Mariners ran out the last time they faced Klubot, although to be honest, that probably won’t help. As good as Kluber is, he’s just a hair better at home, and that slight difference propelled him to an 8-2 record at Progressive Field last year. Of course, he was also enjoying significantly more offensive production from his lineup; a team that finished top-5 in offense last year is currently scuffling in the bottom third of all of baseball. Cleveland’s bats are due to break out at some point; let’s just hope the Mariners are well-clear of the Forest City first.

Game info:

Game time: 4:10 PT


Radio: 710 ESPN