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Dee Gordon records fastest triple of 2018, Mariners record 14th win

Speed may or may not slump, but it’s always fun

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In the top of the third, with two outs and RyOn Healy at first base, after singling in his first at-bat after returning from the DL, Dee Gordon tripled off of Mike Clevinger. It scored Healy, obviously, to put the Mariners on the board first and sparked a chain reaction, with an RBI double from Jean Segura and an RBI single from Robinson Canó. They’d score just twice more; in the fourth inning, off a Mike Zunino single and, mercifully, in the eighth inning, off a double from Kyle Seager. James Paxton held up his end of the bargain, with 10 strikeouts in 6 innings, and allowing just two runs. Nick Vincent gave up another (fine), and Marc Rzepczynski gave up a run as well (off a double from a lefty - not fine). Juan Nicasio recorded another hitless outing, and Edwin Díaz earned his 11th save.

But back to that triple, that started it all.

In 2017 Gordon recorded the fourth-most triples in all of baseball, with 9. By conservative estimate, I’d guess that approximately half of those would have been doubles for mere mortals, and at least one would have been an Albert Pujols single. It’s not unusual for Dee Gordon to triple, but the speed at which he did it was unusually fast.

10.86 seconds.

That’s how long it took Gordon, from the second he sprung out of the batters box to the millisecond that he slid into third. He covered approximately 29.8 feet per second. It was Statcast’s fastest recorded triple of 2018, and the fastest ever recorded by a Mariner. It was also .06 seconds slower than Gordon’s fastest career time. In celebration of this feat, a non-comprehensive list of things you can do in 10.86 seconds, if you are not Dee Gordon:

  • Blink approximately twice
  • Sing the chorus of “Africa,” but without blessing the rains
  • Save 0.18% or more on your car insurance with Geico
  • Eat half of a hot dog without your hands
  • Watch this iconic vine once, then laugh for 3.86 seconds
  • Make 21.72 million red blood cells
  • Review a resume twice
  • Tie your shoelace
  • Tweet (yikes)
  • Think about each of Díaz’s saves for 0.98 seconds

What else can you do in 10.86 seconds?