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4/24/18: Open Game Thread

a 2pm baseball game well i never

Houston Astros  v Seattle Mariners Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

April has just been relentless with the scheduling wackiness. You may have noticed that the Mariners don’t play a game at the same time twice this week, but a 2 PM start? I can’t remember the last time that happened. Thankfully, things should start getting back to normal by the start of May.


My first thought seeing these was, “Wow, Chris Volstad is still in baseball?” Still just 31, the towering righty who was once a fixture in the Florida Marlins rotation has pitched just 37.1 innings at the big league level since 2013. Although his ability to induce ground balls is still solid, he has never missed bats at even an average rate, and hopefully the M’s hitters can capitalize.

Today will also be a test for Marco Gonzales, as the White Sox are running out a lineup composed solely of right-handed and switch hitters. His cutter will be a pitch to watch for, and with Mike Leake getting shelled last night, it would be rad to see Marco go at least five today.

Do the good thing!

Game Time: 2:10 PDT


Radio: 710 ESPN,