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FanPost Friday: Who is your favorite obscure Mariners player of all time?

All right, baseball nerds. Who is your “I really only liked the demo” of Mariners players?

Greg Briley
Greg Briley, confirmed glasses wearing ballplayer

It’s Friday! You’ve made it. Let’s celebrate with a fun lil’ FanPost Friday prompt, shall we? This is a good one, I promise.

Who is your favorite obscure Mariners player of all time?

I won’t do a concrete definition of “obscure” for this, but obviously we’re talking players who were only around a few seasons or less, or maybe hung around longer but were completely forgettable anyways. I’m talking players of the Greg Briley, Luke French, Odell Jones, and Bob Kearney variety. Go deep, folks. Let’s hear about your favorite weirdo Mariners players and why you’ve held a torch for them through the years.

Submit your responses via FanPost and we’ll front page the best submissions throughout the weekend. Shout out to the two hat nerds who replied to my prompt last weekend. You da the real MVPs.

Note: My apologies for forgetting to close the comments! Whoops! Please do submit in the form of a FanPost and have an awesome weekend.