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4/15/18: Open Game Thread

The Mariners send King Félix to the mound with hopes of a sweep

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
Once and forever king
Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Happy Félix Day, and happy Jackie Robinson Day. Today the Mariners will go for a sweep against the Athletics, and I hope Dee Gordon will continue to wage his one-man war against the A’s social media team for this tweet. King Félix will take the hill and try to protect a bullpen that got a little tuckered out during last night’s offense-a-palooza.

The Mariners are currently 8-4. No matter what happens today, they have reached a higher mark than they did at any point last year; the best they ever did in 2017 was three games over .500, and it took them until August to get there. Stealing a sweep against the A’s would be great, especially with the bullies of the AL West coming into town for a four-game series (why always a four-game series), but as they say, the other guys get paid too. This game might turn into trading blows and seeing which starter is left standing with two similarly-taxed bullpens. I hope it comes down to a pinch-hit Vogelbomb, because I am a greedy guts of the Augustus Gloop variety.



Game time: 1:10 PM PT; on ROOT NW and 710 ESPN.

Also, yo Manfred, maybe quit forking around with pace of play and deal with this garbage:


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