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Dee Gordon Hits Two Home Runs, Giants Rudely Win Anyways

The inexorable march of Spring Training stumbles on

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners
football guy refuses to stay in lane, film at 11
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Due to the lack of TV coverage, I enlisted the help of none other than our Managing Editor Kate Preusser, who was at the game today. Kate has been in Peoria this week, soaking up the sun and getting a first hand look at how the team is shaping up. She dutifully tweeted out her observations on the first few innings of action.

And here’s Nelson Cruz helping Kate deliver some SALT to ballpark.

Paxton had a fine outing despite the four earned runs and the home run by Brandon Belt in the bottom of the second. Paxton had four strikeouts and just one walk and judging from the broadcast, he’s definitely getting closer to being more locked in on his accuracy and velocity. All in all, an encouraging outing, and longtime LL commenter PNV here said it best:


  • Nelson Cruz got both his first base hit and his first home run of Spring Training. Everyone can relax now, our strong baseball man is just fine.
  • Not be outdone by some beefy slugger, Dee Gordon hit not one, but TWO home runs because haha why not? A total of three RBI in 3 at-bats for Gordon. Dee Gordon is going to fun this season, I do believe.
  • Daniel Vogelbach had himself a day and continued his strong Spring Training with two doubles, a run on a fielder’s choice, and a VOGELJACK (a home run, you pervs). I chose Vogelbach as my player for Braden Bishop’s #Hits2EndALZ charity drive and Vogey is looking to put me in the poorhouse (for a good cause).
  • Ryan Rowland-Smith called most of the game with Aaron Goldsmith and Gary Hill, Jr. RRS delivered m y new favorite quote about Hunter Pence: “He’s an amazing athlete, but he doesn’t make it look easy.”
San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images
  • Later in the broadcast, the crew was discussing the stature of 6’ 3” Giants manager Bruce Bochy and when asked of his opinion, RRS stated Bochy was “a unit” and I just about died.
  • More on this later, but the broadcast team had some fun with using a recording of legendary Giants announcer Jon Miller reading the station identification. Spring Training Cabin Fever has definitely set in.


710 morning show hosts Brock and Salk took over the broadcast in the bottom of the fourth. Here is a non-comprehensive list of the gaffes and the errors they made:

  • Said it was the top of fourth when it was the bottom.
  • Called Buster Posey “James Posey” when he got a single.
  • Proceeded to completely stop calling the game, talked about Felix for 5 minutes.
  • “Is it Paaa-zos or Paw-zos?”
  • Again, stopped calling the game for a few minutes to talk about Paxton’s Spring Training ERA.
  • Called Pablo Sandoval a “big boy.” He’s 31 years old.
  • Had a spirited discussion of the rusty Ford Bronco that James Pazos drives followed by Brock detailing the variety of beat-up cars he drove during the early part of his football career.
  • At this point, I had to stop listening for a bit to put my daughter down for a nap. When I came back, Brock was calling the umpire “Blue” like the guy who takes co-ed softball too seriously at Green Lake.

James Pazos and Andrew Moore struggled a bit in the middle innings, with Moore eventually giving up the lead in the bottom of the sixth after the early offensive explosion by the Mariners. Mariners tied it back up at 7-7 but the Giants farmhands just would not stop with the dingers and the Mariners eventually lost 10-7.

The Mariners head to Goodyear tomorrow to play the Cincinnati Reds at 5:05 PM PST. Ariel Miranda gets the start for the Mariners.