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Lookout Landing Podcast 42: Mariners Prospect Louis Boyd

In the span of a few hours, Louis Boyd went from thinking his baseball career was over to packing his bags for Peoria.

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This week Kate talks to Louis Boyd, the Vancouver native and University of Arizona product whom the Mariners drafted in the 26th round of the 2017 MLB Draft. A Blue Jays fan growing up, Louis talks about why the Mariners are a great organizational fit for him, and shares the unique story of his draft day. He talks about his love for defense, and his experience at the University of Arizona playing with fellow Mariner Nathan Bannister.

0 - 8:00: General introductions, and a mention of the Mariners’ historic scouting interest in Canada. Louis discusses his JUCO experience at tiny Cochise College, so deep in Arizona it’s practically Mexico, and sells us on the virtues of a town with only a Dairy Queen. Louis embodies the 2018 team motto of “GOOD” as he describes the strength in adversity gained from battling poor playing conditions and a mysterious health ailment that almost derailed his baseball career before it started.

8:00 - 21:00: After finishing at Cochise, Louis transferred to Arizona, where he became a mainstay up the middle for the Wildcats, gaining fans for his gritty style of play and unselfish attitude. He talks about making the adjustment from playing in front of a few hundred fans to several thousand, and the mental fortitude required to not panic under the brightness of the lights. Arizona’s coach, Jay Johnson, has a special relationship with Boyd, saying Louis is someone he wishes he could “coach forever,” and he talks about how that relationship shaped him as a player and person, as well as how hitting in a power-packed Arizona lineup shaped his approach. Boyd also takes some time to shout out former teammate--and now Mariner teammate--Nathan Bannister, or “Big Game Banni.” Louis finishes up this segment by recounting his baseball magic moment of his first Arizona home run.

21:00 - 30:00: Thinking his baseball career was over, Louis went to intern at Nike until one day his phone rang. He tells the story of his draft day, and why he had to hustle back to Arizona to scramble for gear after he got the call.

30:00 - 37:00: Louis talks about his off-season training program and his side jobs as a coach and a sports broadcaster. Canadian Mike Blowers, anyone?

37:00 - 43:00: The Mariners have emphasized mental skills recently, something that’s a key piece of Boyd’s game. Louis talks about the importance of sticking to a process and not worrying about the product, and the role of leadership in the clubhouse and how he views himself as a leader. He also talks about his goals (to gain muscle, and to play with his college teammate Nathan Bannister).

43:00 - End: Louis offers a brief scouting report on the 2018 Arizona Wildcats, including potential first-rounder Alfonso Rivas and catcher Caesar Salazar.

NOTE: Louis is participating in Braden Bishop’s #Hits2EndALZ drive for Alzheimer’s research. If you would like to match Louis at a dollar per hit he gets in spring training, tweet to him, he’d love to hear from you: @LouisBoyd2.

How about one more defensive gem?

Okay, one more. He can play third, too!

MUSIC: This week’s music is Louis’s selection, a Vancouver-based band called Redwoods. The songs are “On the Run” and “Twisted,” and you can find the band on Soundcloud here.

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