FPF: March 30 Janus

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note: Here is another one of the best responses to the FanPost Prompt. Take it away, Jerry'sKid!

Janus, the mythical Roman God of Transitions (Past / Future, War / Peace ) reminds me of a two-headed coin, and also that there are usually two (or more) sides to every story.

Mariner fans have debated over the years whether or not the Spring Training inverted Trident logo on the Team's hats has any connection to the Teams' injuries and / or performance. Now, of course performance IS related if your expensive Starting player is hurt and replaced by a minimum wage / ability reserve player.

Set aside for the moment the possibility that the inverted torch symbol, long associated with death and misfortune, has any power to influence real world events, my question to Kevin Mather, Mariners President, is why are you so stubborn ?

Simply discontinue using the hats in question for two years, and see what happens.

You authorize a player payroll North of One Hundred Seventy Million Dollars, and yet you fail to take an inexpensive insurance policy to protect your prized assets.

Please do your due diligence.

Go M's !