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FanPost Friday: What are your top three hottest, silliest takes based off the Home Opener?

The inaugural voyage of a new Friday tradition

Cleveland Indians v Seattle Mariners
when the takes are getting silly
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Hello, friends! We’re adopting a new weekly posting here at Lookout Landing called... (explosions, crowd noise, “Funk Blast” music and graphics plays)


Every Friday, we will post a prompt for FanPosts and over the course of the weekend we will place the best submissions on the front page. Lookout Landing has one of the most knowledgeable, smart, and engaged communities of commenters and readers anywhere on these here internets and this is your chance to to share something longer than a comment.

If you’re unfamiliar with FanPosts, just click on the FanPosts section on the top navigation bar of the site, and then click on New FanPost. Use to the tools on the right sidebar to add photos or embed videos if you’re inclined. There is also a tutorial section below the text area with FAQs and whatnot.

Today’s Prompt:

Give us your top three hottest, silliest takes based off the small sample size of one game, namely Thursday’s Home Opener win at Safeco Field. That’s right, based off of one game’s worth of data, write a paragraph or two about threes things you think will continue, never happen again, only get worse, or only get better. The crazier, the better! Take artists, assemble!

(The comment section for this post is closed because we want your FanPosts, duh!)