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Lookout Landing Podcast 44: Counting Down to Opening Day

The next time you hear from us it’ll be real baseball

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We recorded this podcast last week during Marco Gonzales’s final spring start but had some difficulties with the editing of it, because what else is new. Kate’s audio is weirdly quiet at times (and still cough-y) and John’s is fuzzy, but fear not: Kate’s replacement mic is on the way, and we will use some of our cut from the Mike Zunino shirts to get John an actual big-boy microphone. Speaking of said shirts, they are here and they are neat! If you would like to buy one, if you do it through this link we get a little money from that, so you are not only supporting our good boy Mike but also the site as well.

0 - 10:00: Kate and John talk dumplings and Marco’s final spring start. Kate makes a weird comparison between the night’s strike zone and Joan Rivers, and then later makes a weird comparison between Marco Gonzales and a Pokemon (which, to be clear, she has never seen), and then later, sings. It’s almost like you shouldn’t mix cough medicine and having a cocktail.

10:00 - 20:00: The only real news this week was bad news. Kate and John talk about how the bullpen shapes up sans David Phelps, and the overall bullpen composition. Some light roasting of the Mets takes place, with Kate dissolving into giggles while trying to explicate the Mets’ bullpen strategy before turning philosophical about the nature of change.

20:00 - 37:00: Best case/worst case scenario time. Watch as these two natural optimists struggle to be doomsayers! Kate and John keep trying to re-envision the injury-riddled YA dystopia novel that was 2017 and think negatively down the stretch, but then Kate gets distracted by something shiny (literally, it’s the Modesto Nuts getting their championship rings on the broadcast), and John somehow manages to make even injuries become a vehicle for change. We really should have farmed this portion of the podcast out. We also talk about what progress looks like in the minors and what the best-case scenario looks like there with specific guys taking steps forward. Wait, we did it again. Dangit.

37:00 - 55:00: Best case scenario! The phrase “Mike Zunino All-Star” might or might not be used. There’s a long wandering discussion of Chik-Fil-A, for which we are very sorry. Conversely, somehow the best-case scenario comes down to “do what you can!” Also, Kate makes a long plea for the Gordon Beckham redemption narrative. He was released the day after we recorded this.

55:00 - end: Questions! This week there aren’t many, but one particularly toothsome one: Kate and John draft an All-Mariners team.

MUSIC: Bach - Cello Suite 1; Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes

Note: If you’re searching for the podcast to subscribe (and we would love it if you did) please be aware that it is listed as simply “Lookout Landing” and not “Lookout Landing 2.0” which is understandably confusing. We’re sorry.


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Enjoy! Leave feedback! And go Mariners.