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David Phelps Needs Tommy John Surgery, Will Miss 2018 Season

Never pitch.

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
weird how this keeps happening to pitcher arms
Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

The Mariners dropped some bad news on us tonight.

Phelps said he felt the ligament go on the last pitch he threw on March 17 against the Angels. So, thanks a lot for that, Angels.

This sucks, obviously, but if the team were to lose any player for the season, it might as well have been a reliever. The bullpen is the one area the Mariners have some amount of depth. Phelps was slated to be a solid, multiple-inning shutdown reliever and there are a few pitchers who could possibly step into that role.

Juan Nicasio is probably at the top of the list for that role, if he wasn’t already. Beyond that, Dan Altavilla and James Pazos are both looking to continue the major strides they made last season and in Spring Training, so they could see their work load expand a bit. Chasen Bradford is a bit of a wild card, but has lots of potential.

This also creates room for Casey Lawrence or Shawn Armstrong or Ryan Cook to squeak their way onto the Opening Day roster.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about Nick Rumbelow:

Yeah, he’ll be in the Sunken/Soggy place for a while, I think.