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3/17/18: Split Squad Day Open Game Thread - Angels vs. Mariners & Mariners vs. Athletics

Twice the excitement, twice the green hats, and infinite puking!

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays
burn them all
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day aka Whacking Day aka dumb ass green hats that don’t match the uniforms day. The hats are so bad, you guys, yet they always sell really well. Fun fact: if you put the bill of the green hats on your turntable and drop the needle on it, a loop of “Jump Around” by House of Pain plays until your ears bleed and you light your own house on fire.

As a side note, today is the one year anniversary of my first published piece on Lookout Landing, which was a recap of a game with no radio or TV coverage. Writing for LL has a been a consistent bright spot in my life this past year in an otherwise awful plague year of unemployment and depression. Shout out to my wife and daughter for being the primary givers of meaning in my life, obviously, but getting to write creatively about the Mariners for a sack of pennies with an awesome, smart, diverse, and supportive staff really does help fill a huge hole of self-worth for me. So, thank you to Kate and staff and thank you to all readers, lurkers, and commenters.

Uh, anyways, today is SPLIT SQUAD DAY (explosions, reggaeton horns, irish jig music) and here is the A Squad game, which you can watch on TV. Take it away, Greg Johns:

Greg droppin’ truth bombs. We’ll just have to wait until the regular season for any potential [REDACTED] and Ichiro matchups.

(squints) Who god, it is! It’s RyOn Healy’s first Spring Training start! A new challenger appears in the battle for 2018 Mariners first base!

Also, this is Marco Gonzales’s first start since getting hit with a line drive, so hold onto your butts so that everything goes just fine for him.

Game Info:

Game Time: 1:10 PM PDT

Radio: 710 ESPN and


And here are your B Squad details. Oh hi, Casey Lawrence. How did you find us again? Huh.

Game Info:

Game Time: 1:05 PM PDT

Radio: Oakland radio feed only

TV: Nah