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3/14/18: Mariners vs. Giants Open Game Thread

Big Maple takes the hill for Seattle against the Giants for a second time

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants
the last time the Mariners and Giants faced off, it was a home run party and even Dee was invited
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Hello! I have recently returned from a week at Spring Training, during which I watched the Mariners win one (1) game of the seven I attended. It was a pretty fun one, though, with a Marjama inside-the-parker and Art Warren coming in for the save. It is nice to be back in Seattle and find that everything bloomed and got warm in the week I was gone. Baseball is on the horizon.

Another sign of spring fast approaching: rosters have been trimmed down, meaning we’re seeing more lineups like the following:

And today’s reserves:

I was bummed not to get to see Mills, Elledge, Walker, Koval, or some of the other young relief arms throw live when I was at ST, being treated mostly to a diet of Casey Lawrence and Chasen Bradford with some Morin/Moll action sprinkled in (like stalactites and stalagmites, the trick to telling them apart: Sam Moll is smol). Guess I’ll have to wait for next year or for them to make it to Tacoma, although with Mr. Manfred’s Wild Ride in the minor leagues, spot call-ups seem less likely.

Injury news of the day:

It’s a grade one quad strain for Cruz and a supluxulated supplexed sublaxative ouchie shoulder injury for Romine. Both could be worse, although that doesn’t exactly make me feel better. Marco Gonzales continues to throw and doesn’t expect to miss time, so that part is good, at least. Still, it’s probably best to just stay in your fear-crouch the entire time Pax is throwing tonight.