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Mariners Score Runs, Fail to Win

Nelson Cruz exits with quad injury and bullpen falters late against Rockies

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Colorado Rockies
only including the other team’s players in headers for a while, guys. my bad.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Did a Mariners pitcher get hit by a line drive, ground ball, fractured shard of bat, or other foreign object?


Did a Mariners position player get hurt?

Yes. Two, in fact.

Is it still Spring Training?

I regret to inform you that, yes, it still is.

Did the Mariners win?

Almost, but no.


  • Dee Gordon led the game off with a single, as is his custom. Mitch Haniger followed up with his first hit of Spring Training and Gordon, who took off on the pitch, made it from first to third in the time it takes me to swallow a swig of water.
  • Kyle Seager hit a double and then came around to score, hustling like only he can.
like a gazelle, baby
  • Speaking of hustle, Daniel Vogelbach continued his torrid spring campaign with a hit, RBI, a walk, and this run right here, in which he trucked his way home all the way from first thanks to Mike Ford and some bad defense.
Man I wish there was more footage of said Vogel-Truckin’ but alas.
  • Rob Whalen meant business today. Here is a smattering of .gifs from a few of his nine(!) strikeouts in five innings of work.

He froze Chris Iannetta with this fastball that had a lil’ movement on it.

And Whalen got Iannetta again with a breaking ball. Shout out to David Freitas on a blatant yet effective frame job.

Here is Whalen ringing up D.J. LeMahieu for the last out of the fourth inning.

And here is his final strikeout of the day, a very nasty curve ball to Charlie Blackmon.

get a real haircut, charlie

This was a very impressive outing for Whalen and will definitely give him a boost in the fifth starter debate, depending on how things shake out for Ariel Miranda and Erasmo Ramirez.


  • Nelson Cruz crushed an RBI single deep to right field that a younger man would have probably turned into a double. Instead, Cruz pulled up lame after a couple hard strides out of the box and promptly left the game. Diagnosis? QUAD-ITIS.

Maybe Cruz was a bit dehyrdated from his bout with the flu. Maybe he didn’t stretch enough. Or maybe it’s just the equal-opportunity oppressor known as time coming to finally collect its due from a man who has eluded it for a long time. We’ll have a better idea soon if this is serious or not, but for now there’s no reason to panic.

  • Haniger immediately had his first Spring Training TOOTBLAN after his first hit, when he got caught in a run-down after leading off too far. It’s good to fit in with the guys, I say.
  • The Mariners increased their lead to 7-2 in top of the eighth, only to see the Rockies rally against Art Warren and Dan Altavilla in bottom of the eighth and ninth innings respectively. Not great, guys. Mariners lost 8-7.

Mariners return to Peoria tomorrow to take on the Giants at 6:40 PM PDT.