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Comeback Falls Short, Mariners Fans Everywhere Sob Uncontrollably

I’m typing this recap through tears. But, hey, Ichiro!

Okay, so this picture is from a different game. Fight me.
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Today, the Cincinnati Best Shapes of Their Lives beat the Seattle Spring Training Stats Don’t Matter, 6-5. I had to do a full-out #rewrite after Mike Morin blew the save in the 9th by allowing four runs and recording just a single out. Something tells me Mike Morin won’t be in too many save situations during the regular season.

The Mariners’ weirdly furious comeback in the bottom of the 9th fizzled out, however, on an RBI fielder’s choice. Evan White, recent first-round draft pick, was up with two runners in scoring position and two outs. Watch and learn/weep:

A few other things to take away from today’s contest:

Ichiro’s debut

Ichiro made his first game appearance of the spring today, playing left field and hitting leadoff, and it was certainly a welcome sight to many, judging by the crowd’s reaction.

Alas, we can’t have nice things, and Ichiro went 0-3 with two strikeouts — one looking in the first, where the ump squeezed him on a high fastball, and one on an ugly swing in 4th. He also lined out to left field in the fourth,

Greg Johns said that Ichiro was “touched” by the fans’ reaction to his first plate appearance. If he thinks that was impressive, just wait until Opening Day rolls around.

Ichiro and Felix are Adorable Friends

Just watch this and appreciate everything about it.

Daniel Vogelbach, the Conundrum

With Ryon Healy still on the shelf, there remain questions about how the Mariners will fill the first base role. And everyone’s favorite Large Adult Son is attempting to make a run at the job.

Defensively, he wasn’t exactly strong today...

But at the same time, if he keeps up his current performance at the plate, it won’t matter. He was 1-3 today with an RBI and a walk, bringing his overall numbers to a robust .478/.613/.957. And one of his outs was a line drive that had the misfortune of hitting the pitcher’s shin and deflecting to the second baseman. Yes, I know spring training stats don’t matter, and I know this sample size remains irrelevant. This is almost assuredly noise and not the sign of some huge remarkable breakthrough. Still, though, it would be lovely if we could have meaningful contributions from Vogey at some point this year.

Robinson Cano and the Hamstring of Doom

It’s never a good sign when a member of your starting lineup walks off the field in the middle of the second inning for seemingly no reason. It’s even worse when it’s your best player. Fortunately, however, it doesn’t appear to be a horrible injury.

Regrettably, this is a reminder that the Mariners are relying on a 35-year-old second baseman and a 37-year-old designated hitter to carry this team to playoff contention. Injuries happen, and it feels like the M’s have had more than their fair share. Hopefully they won’t ruin either Robbie or Nelson’s seasons.

Mike Zunino is Good

In the third inning, after falling behind 0-2, Mike Zunino battled back and showcased a nice little piece of hitting. It was well appreciated by Mariners faithful.

Today’s Interviews During the Broadcast, Ranked

4. Taylor Motter had some insightful comments about how he’s worked with Mariners coaches to help him hit the ball the other way. He also had an adorable head tilt with which he tried to will a pop fly into Vogelbach’s glove (as shown above).

3. I’ll be honest, I don’t actually remember Daniel Vogelbach’s interview, but here’s his RBI single to make up for it.

2. I’ll never not love hearing from Mitch Haniger. Or seeing his face.

1. Mariners first-base coach Chris Prieto went on a lovely tangent about how much he loves movie scores, and when Aaron Goldsmith put him on blast and asked him his favorite movie scores, he named Rudy and the Star Wars movies. If this isn’t the essence of spring training, I don’t know what is.

And, finally, the highlight of the day bar none

Go M’s.