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3/1/18: Mariners vs. Royals Open Game Thread

It’s March! It’s March! I’m so excited! ready for March to end!

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Chicago Cubs
honestly this is the only good recent photo in the tool, the rest are just Felix injury/sadface photos
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, March! This is the last spring training milestone that gives me a brief surge of excitement at real baseball being closer which is replaced in about 2.5 hours with extreme boredom and impatience for the regular season because I am a noted ingrate. The sun is shining in Seattle, though, so let’s hunker in and enjoy this very meaningful game which we get to watch on TV and which we must win if we hope to make the playoffs. No MLB team has ever made the playoffs after losing on March 1st, so this is it.*


Those first six are the planned Opening Day six, but the bottom third is still held together by shoestrings and the ligaments of former Mariner first baseman. In another week, hopefully we’ll have Haniger and Heredia back for the outfield, but in the meantime, reserves get the start, as Gamel, Ford, and Vogelbach get the day off.


Game Info:

Game Time: 12:10 PM PST, Peoria, AZ, Sunny/62 degrees

Radio: 710 ESPN (delay), Gameday audio/ (live)

TV: ROOT Sports/

*Probably, I assume. Whatever.