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2/26/18: Mariners vs. Cubs Open Game Thread

A respectful and dutiful Happy Felix Day to you and yours

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners
should have kept the braids, man
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first Happy Felix Day of 2018.

No need to get hopes or expectations up as this is A) Spring Training and B) still February, but it will be interesting to see how Felix Hernandez is looking on the mound for an inning or two. Oh wait, this game is radio only from the looks of it, so we’ll have to rely on whatever smart phone footage the Mariners social team bestows upon us on Twitter.


So it’s a day off for most of the starters, but we’ll get more looks at Dee Gordon in center field and extended looks at more of the fringe starters and minor league depth. Neato! Do Uncle Rick a favor and watch the TOOTBLANs today, guys, okay? They’re not fun to describe on the radio.

Some encouraging news here:

Game Info:

Game Time: 12:05 PST

Radio: 710 ESPN (delayed until later, apparently), live on (Direct link here)

TV: no dice