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2/23/18: Mariners vs. Padres Open Game Thread


Seattle Mariners Photo Day
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Like the first rays of morning light after a long, dark night of the soul, the first glimmers of baseball—and summer, and warmth, and lingering Safeco sunsets—appear today. The Mariners will play the Padres in a game that does not matter, at all, and I personally couldn’t be more delighted.

For the first time this season...


The Mariners are playing about half their projected regular lineup. The Padres are playing...I am embarrassed at how few of those names I recognize. I was hoping we might get to see some of the top Padres prospects in action—Luis Urias, Fernando Tatis—but instead we get Javy Guerra, who had a wRC+ of 61 last year. Maybe they’ll appear at some point this spring. On the Mariners’ end, here are their reserves:

Game Info:

Game time: 12:10 PT

Radio: 710 ESPN

TV: None (BUT supposedly the Padres will have it on, so that’s worth checking out if you have

Baseball! Hooray! Go Mariners!