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Lookout Landing Podcast 37: Mailbag - Spring Training and PR Spin Rates

The preseason presser, the free agent freeze, and the struggle to hope.

Seattle Mariners Logo Sailor
It’s been two thousand years
Jesse Knutson

Time’s inexorable slog forward has been slowed recently by the fact that Spring Training is close enough to touch, and thus seems more distant than ever. Kate and John return for an all-listener questions episode. Since there HAS NOT BEEN A BASEBALL THING since we last spoke, many questions focused on Jerry Dipoto’s comments at the preseason luncheon.

We talk about the supposed lack of space for another starting pitcher, the many bad coin flips of 2017, Jerry Dipoto’s Buffalo Exchange runs, Félix Hernández’s potential as a reliever, Ben Gamel’s remarkable faculty for performing well in the memorable moments, and Kate’s many microphones.

We’ll be back early next week with another guest on the Mariners Spring Training Roster!

Music: Carly Simon - Anticipation; Nu Shooz - I Can’t Wait

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