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Lookout Landing Podcast 39: Love in a Dangerous Spring Time

Our final podcast of the official offseason and spring is in the gulag.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
“He hit it that way.” ~ Oakland Athletics Director of Visually Evident Facts, Bob Melvin
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Since we spoke last, Yu Darvish has signed, Ryon Healy’s hand was spurred, and frankly that’s mostly it for big news. Thankfully, pitchers and catchers have officially reported, meaning blurry photos from beat reporters have been rolling in across the two states in the nation where Spring Training occurs. We decided to get together on Kate’s birthday to discuss the things we want, hope, and need to see from the Mariners in Spring Training. We also get into what, if anything, of value can be gleaned from Spring Training numbers. The answer: not much! But it’s not all noise.

Kate gets enthusiastic about seeing Dee Gordon defensively, while John hurls several hats in the ring on behalf of the Mike Ford train... circus. Kate rails against the tyranny of her inept local garbageperson and the two learn the very different ways in which Valentine’s Day was celebrated at Lowell Elementary School vs. Our Lady Guadalupe Catholic School. We’re sorry, Saint Leroy.

NOTE: We recorded this Wednesday, after the knowledge of Healy’s injury, but prior to its specifics. The tone of our treatment of the subject holds up pretty much in line with the ultimate diagnosis. Kate takes full responsibility.

Total Runtime: 1:12:40

Music: Thundercat - Them Changes

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Enjoy! Leave feedback! And go Mariners.