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FanPost Friday: All I want from the Mariners for Christmas is...

We know you’ve been naughty, but you’ve also been through a lot. So, what can Mariners Santa bring you?

Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers
the only thing that came up for “Mariners Christmas” in the photo tool
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Welcome to the last FanPost Friday of 2018. We made it, fam. Barely.

Thank you to everyone to wrote a post this year. You are the real MVPs of Lookout Landing. Special shoutout for the several awesome Edgar Martinez stories from last week. Those were extra special and great reminders of the reason for the (HoF) season.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, feel free to change this prompt to your chosen gift giving holiday!

Here we go!

Prompt: All I want from the Mariners for Christmas is...

Hat tip to Matthew Roberson for his excellent sartorial rundown of the Mariners uniforms yesterday, from which I’ve taken inspiration for this prompt. We know what he wants for Christmas, but how about you? A new free agent superstar? A continuation of the current rebuild? A Mitch Haniger trade for ALL the prospects? Or how about just a simple (ha) playoff berth? We’ve aired our grievances many times about this team, but now is the time for ask for just a little something special for the holidays.

I’ll leave you with this while you contemplate your answer. As always, submit your answers in a FanPost and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend and throughout the holidays. Ho ho ho and Go Mariners.